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The Nutrient Prescriber's Program

Rachel Arthur Group Mentoring:
Accelerate your Professional Development

We’re excited to announce that Atomic Regs Director and Principal Consultant, Dane Renshaw, and nutritionist and educator, Rachel Arthur, are launching a cutting-edge new course for healthcare practitioners and industry professionals to help them to confidently understand the finer details of nutrient prescribing.

The course to help you to confidently understand
the finer details of nutrient prescribing.

With all the marketing fluff and noise around specific nutrients and ingredients, it can be a challenge at times to know who to listen to. After decades of mentoring clinicians, Rachel Arthur has collaborated with Dane Renshaw to create a program based on the most up-todate scientific literature and industry guidelines.

The program is designed to help you to navigate clinic problems, see what happens behind the scenes and introduce you to a much-needed framework that will give you the confidence you've been seeking in nutritional medicine It answers some of the most common nutrient questions, including:


  • What to use,
  • Which form to use,
  • When to use,
  • How much is really needed to be effective and safe


Program Overview

  • 10 modules. Runs February to June 2024.
  • 5 live sessions. One live session per month. Sessions held on the LAST Thursday of each month at 1.30pm (NSW).
  • Recordings from all the live sessions are available for you to download and watch anytime.
  • Access to resources. You can also access the audio recordings of the sessions, the notes, pathology and links to online resources and related research articles.
  • Access the group Basecamp forum for all mentees and Rachel to connect, share information, and communicate in between sessions.
  • CPD certificate provided at the end of the course.
  • A 30% discount for ALL Rachel Arthur Nutrition products on our website.* When you join the Group Mentoring Program, you will receive a discount code that you can use for any and all purchases on Rachel’s website from sign up until the end of July 2024.

Note the Update in Under 30 Subscription is not included with this mentoring group, however you can use your 30% mentee discount on this purchase/renewal on or before 31 July 2024.

*Mentoring payments excluded.

is this course for?

  • Integrative nutrition professionals (naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists, osteopaths, GPs).

  • Professionals who want to gain the most from their CPE time and money.

  • Professionals who want to be at the forefront of cutting edge research and contemporary practice.

  • Professionals who value their education, skills and professional development.

  • Professionals wanting independent, non-biased education.

  • Professionals who want to improve their client outcomes.

  • Professionals wanting to connect with other practitioners.

“It may be an elusive craft Rachel but you are the best in your field and my practice would not be the same without my continued mentoring and learning from your expertise and critical thinking.  Thank you for all that you are doing for our industry. You have lifted the bar far and beyond.”

Amanda Mullmeister
| Naturopath

Enrolment Closes Soon!

Full Payment: $877.80 ($798/ex gst) or
Payment Plan: 4 x $241.40 ($219.45/ex gst)

Delivered by nutritional expert, mentor and educator, Rachel Arthur

Rachel has been successfully running group mentoring for over 10 years, during which time it has continued to grow in popularity.  As testament to this, most mentees make attending these monthly sessions a priority in their CPE calendar, month after month and year after year. While Rachel is perhaps most well known for her presenting skills and in particular, her ability to translate complex science into easily accessible and colourful concepts, importantly Rachel remains an active clinician, seeing referred patients for a wide range of complex presentations. Rachel possesses a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which has accumulated over the years through conscientious attention to research and her ongoing clinical experience.

Co-created with industry product development expert, Dane Renshaw

Dane Renshaw is a natural health and complementary medicines product development specialist with a background in naturopathy, phytochemistry and pharmacology. He loves delving deep into the research – both scientifically and traditionally supported – behind ingredients, compounds and herbs and using that to help companies make meaningful health products that work. He is a product development and regulatory affairs consultant, scientific advisor, educator and Director of Atomic Regs – a product development consultancy based in Byronshire, NSW.

With a career that spans scientific research at Southern Cross Plant Science, regulatory consulting at Advanced Wellness Regulatory Solutions and heading up regulatory affairs and product development at leading practitioner-only brand, Orthoplex (Bio Concepts), Dane has worked all sides of the natural health and complementary medicines industry.

Since establishing Atomic Regs, Dane has supported and founded multiple companies in the natural health and complementary medicines space, working with small and enterprise businesses globally on product ideation, research, strategy, regulation and marketing of health products. His clients span household names to new and emerging start-up companies. His diverse portfolio of experience has equipped him to support just about any regulatory or product development challenge.

Dane is committed to helping his clients navigate industry nuances and make things happen quickly by guiding the process from initial concept to implementation in the marketplace. He helps remove the friction many brands commonly experience on this journey and helps them get unstuck. Dane is the Founder and Director of Atomic Regs and Co-Founder and Director of Atomic Supply, Take Friday Off and Give Back Health. This broad insight into the entire industry has resulted in a unique perspective, extensive experience and a high level of expertise, which he brings to this collaboration with Rachel Arthur, for the highly regarded and much needed Nutrient Prescribers Program.

“Dane has an exceptional knowledge of many different aspects of the industry having been personally involved in areas such as laboratory analysis, research, regulation and new product development. I’m grateful to have been mentored by and worked closely with him in multiple different capacities. Dane’s special talent is to take on board and explain complexities, simply, and then to refocus on how the main goal can be achieved. His care for doing things that matter while also understanding the commercial aspects and leadership roles across any business make him a valuable asset to any company.”

Catharine Avila
| Research & Product Development 

Enrolment Closes Soon!

Full Payment: $877.80 ($798/ex gst) or
Payment Plan: 4 x $241.40 ($219.45/ex gst)

The Backstory

Dane Renshaw

Through the work we do at Atomic Regs taking companies from ideation through to products on the shelf and promoting them to the world, we’ve seen again and again what goes on in all parts of the supply chain. We know the good, the bad and the ugly of our industry, and most of it isn’t common knowledge in practitioner-land. So it’s not your fault that you’ve never heard some of what we’re going to share with you, but we are here to shake things up.

For the last few years, I have been busy in the background developing a course for both industry professionals and practitioners to address the big old elephant in the natural health and nutritional space: with all the marketing fluff and noise around specific nutrients and ingredients, how do I know what to use, when to use it, how much is really needed to be effective and safe, and where it comes from (and whether I should care)?

At Atomic Regs, we want to make these answers more easily accessible. We want to provide an overview of the common constraints all brands face in developing a market ready product. We want to show practitioners a process to be suitably critical so they can get the best resultsfor their patients.

We want to draw back the curtains on the industry with an aim to ultimately raise the standard. To let practitioners have access and transparency to what happens out the back behind those closed doors so they can demand the best from all aspects of the supply chain and be the driver of positive change.

The intention isn’t to point fingers and cast blame but rather to address the common challenges that keep popping up. We want to offer a framework and provide a roadmap so those common mistakes can be avoided.

We want to make it ‘too easy’ to do the right thing, ‘too easy’ to spot the fluff and fairy dust and ‘too easy’ to make snake oil marketing be clearly nothing more than just that.

This applies to all aspects of the industry, from raw material growers and suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, brands and end user consumers.

I appreciate it’s a big goal, but we’ve kept getting close, then getting busy and feeling like there was an essential piece missing to make it spot on. We needed an expert on the ground, an authority in the clinics, someone already guiding practitioners and not scared to say it as it is.

So when I was at Mullumbimby having lunch with Rachel Arthur at The Rock & Roll Coffee Company telling her about my goals and plans for the course, I saw that sparkle in her eyes as she told me what she had been up to also.

Essentially, she had been busy building a course for much the same reason but needed an expert in the product development, regulatory affairs, raw material supply and manufacturing interface and felt that the course would be more complete with this component.

So, that’s how we came together to complete each side of coin and make this complete offering, the Nutrient Prescribers Program, developed by Rachel Arthur in collaboration with Atomic Regs.

We are both super excited about this collaboration and ready to get into it.

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Enrolment Closes Soon!

Full Payment: $877.80 ($798/ex gst) or
Payment Plan: 4 x $241.40 ($219.45/ex gst)